Primark websurvey review

This is a review of the Primark websurvey done on 11 Dec 2016 and it must be tacked only as a review of websurvey described below.

The reason of this review is to show the lack of interested for it’s clients and the quality of the next product only. We also been fooled by a false campaign.

The next project touched the online for a specific purpose but in any case not the one to allow clients and users to win something as they describe in the copy of the campaign page.

I personally been introduced to this survey by a Primark employee when I payed for a few thing in a Primark market a few days ago.

Everything is described as it is on the date mentioned above: The survey link indicated on the buying ticket is Which is redirecting to Once we selected the language (in our case English), we pressed Enter and moved to the second step On the second step first weird thing we saw was the “Thanks for your valued feedback!” message at the bottom of the blue section.

Why would you add a Thank you message before submitting something?

This first image is saved as it was used on the above indicated link from the step 2.


The next image is a print screen of the second step, which have a few more HTML elements. We can better understand why is was a Thank you message on the above image but still, we can’t understand why it was there before anything else to be submitted.


We will also show the ticket received from Primark with the Survey entry code


Entering our Survey entry code into the given input and error ocurred from the first time (the same it was all the time we tried again and again) Sorry, that is not a valid answer. Please try again.

The Survey code inserted is 0531013020206. Length of the code is 13 characters and is exactly the one from the ticket.

We inspected the code used behind a bit (the source from the browser - Chrome - Version 54.0.2840.99 m) and we realised that is seems to be some Angular validation. But even so, nothing is happening and our Survey entry code is accepted even if at the first view is valid.

Two things can be said here: Even the app was not tested by the developers, or it was build with the intention to work like this and avoid paying Prizes.

We also wonder: How much money Primark putted on this campaign if the form has the “Thanks for your valued feedback!” message incorporated into the image and not as a dynamic text which in a normal case will be returned with a callback function from AJAX.

We also added a video at the top of the page with all the process, in case in the next future this online Primark campaign will be changed or removed.

Considering this a bug we wanted to contact them and say about it. We looked at who build this page. On the right bottom side is a company name Inmoment (powered by). Clicking on their logo will send to


On this page 2 phone numbers were provided, a website link for Inmoment and 2 email addresses. We tried to avoid sending emails because it can take to long to receive feedback, but we called at both numbers without success a few times.

Both numbers were invalid and was impossible to contact them.

This review can be used for learning purpose. And from a client perspective: “Please don’t do like this”

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